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Apperplace Publishing 2.6.1 Spring Release

Springtime is here and with it our new Apperplace Publishing Release 2.6.1 that brings along myriads of new features and improvements. We have put a lot of work and love into this new release and it will help you in making your Apperplace Publishing apps even more entertaining and exciting! Some of the most important features are:

  • Static links can be automatically generated from PDF metadata
  • Image galleries now can use PDF files as content source
  • Configurable lightbox effect for image galleries
  • New media enrichment flying audio buttons
  • New media enrichment plate list (displays context sensitive information in a small transparent grey rectangle)
  • Slideshow mode and multi-step zoom
  • Configurable shadow between two pages

Check out the Release Notes in the current Apperplace Software Documentation for more details.
In case you have been using an earlier version of Apperplace, migrating from versions 2.3.x to the current version 2.6.1 is simple. Check out the migration guide for step by step instructions.
If you experience any problems or need help in successfully updating your Apperplace Publishing app write to and we will take care of it instantly.


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