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Apple Newsstand for Everybody

According to current discussions it can be worthwhile making your publications available on Apple Newsstand. Especially for magazines newsstand apps are said to perform better when it comes to sales, subscriptions and downloads.

Apple Newsstand for Everybody
From a technical and organizational point of view, realizing a newsstand app is more complicated and also more work than doing a traditional home screen app. There are many prerequisites a newsstand app must comply with, in order to make life easy for the end user (such as automatic background downloads of new issues).

The good news for you is that Apperplace customers do not have to worry about these things. The new Apperplace Bookstall release provides solutions to all major technical and organizational challenges regarding Apple Newsstand and enables everybody to have their own newsstand app with just a few clicks. And best of all pricing is still the same! Of course there still is full support for home screen apps, since you may have some good reasons for your app being present directly on the device with its own app icon.

In case newsstand is your favorite just follow the example of Flush the Fashion and jump-start your magazine as newsstand app by using Apperplace Bookstall. It is only a matter of minutes!


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