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Apperplace Bookstall 1.7.0 out now!

There are three major features available with our new Apperplace Bookstall Release:

  • Multi-level categories: The category definitions have moved from the publication meta-data to a new “categories” menu. Within the menu it is possible to configure a multi-level catego-ry tree and assign existing publications to the nodes
  • It is possible to activate publication deletion within the app configuration. In case activated, publications deleted in the management console are going to be deleted in the library, too
  • It is possible to activate publication synchronization within the app configuration. In case ac-tivated, updated and published publications are going to be synchronized with existing ones in the library automatically (only in WLAN)


New Project Templates for Apperplace Publishing and Bookstall

On May 1st, new rules for apps distributed via the Apple App Store come into effect. In order to enable you to comply to these rules, various code and template project adjustments were made in both template projects. Hence we encourage you to download the latest template project for Apperplace Publishing, version 3.4.0 and Apperplace Bookstall, version 1.6.3 and to compile and submit your apps so they are up to the latest standards.

Apperplace Bookstall customers will also be able to make use of an optimized link configuration within the Apperplace Management Console.


Authentication Service and Additional Filter in Release 1.6.2

With our new Apperplace Bookstall Relase two major features are available: An authentication service to protect your contents or limit access to a specific user group. This feature is very valuable in case your want to use your app internally and make sure only authorized users can access information you publish.


Simplified positioning for media enrichments

As you know, positioning of links and flying buttons can be a bit tricky sometimes. To help you efficiently positioning these elements and to make our product Apperplace Bookstall even more comfortable to use, we have released a great new feature with our latest release 1.6.1!


Apperplace Bookstall 1.6.1 now available!

We keep moving with the next release for Apperplace Bookstall. For a improved user interface handling and Apperplace Bookstall 1.6.1 comes along with some great new features that will support you in creating more value to your customers:

  • Simplified positioning feature for media enrichments
  • Subtitles for Images in picture galleries

In order to take advantage of the new functionality, you must set up your app with the latest project template! As always you can use your existing license key.

You will also notice the Content Media Server has some new options and menu items to enable you to manage all the necessary settings. The new project template and new versions of the Apperplace Bookstall Software Documentation as well as the Apperplace Bookstall User Manual for the Content Media Platform are available in the download area.

The next release will be available in few weeks. So subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to and stay tuned for new releases and ideas!


Apple Newsstand for Everybody

According to current discussions it can be worthwhile making your publications available on Apple Newsstand. Especially for magazines newsstand apps are said to perform better when it comes to sales, subscriptions and downloads.


Apperplace Bookstall Release 1.1.0 out now!

We are happy to announce Apperplace Bookstall 1.1.0 is out and available for download! We have added lots of new features; amongst the most important are:


Feature Preview Apperplace Bookstall February Release

Our new product Apperplace Bookstall has been available since December 16th 2011. We want to say thank you to all of our community members for their interesting and helpful feedback and the numerous constructive suggestions. Starting from this input we have decided to come up with the following new major feature in our February Release: Multi-App-Support.


Page Curl Screenshots without Breaking Your Fingers

To provide you with a comfortable tool for taking screenshots of the page flip effect, we added a cool feature to Apperplace Publishing. Turn the page into the desired position and keep your finger on the corner of the page. With another finger tap onto the edge of the page you are just turning around. The page will now stay in exactly this position until you touch the screen again. This means you can let go and can take the screenshot as usual without breaking any of your fingers.


Page Curl vs. Swipe Effect – Leave it to Your Readers!

Apple was the first to introduce a well done page curl effect for iOS when launching the iBooks app on April 2nd 2010. This effect fascinated many people – users and developers alike – since it is a fun animation and also requires quite a bit of programming expertise.



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