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Difference between Newsstand and home screen apps

Newsstand is not a conventional app but a category on the Apple App Store with a special representation on the device. Newsstand can best be regarded as a special folder on the home screen. It contains Newsstand apps, which are represented with their latest cover image instead of an app icon as in home screen apps . Newsstand apps are designed for periodicals and magazines and are said to have better sales figures. They also support special features, such as background downloads, which are not available for home screen apps. Just try out one of our free newsstand examples (e.g. Flush the Fashion) and one of the free home screen examples (e.g. Timeless Quality Products) to get a better idea.


Updating cover images for Newsstand apps

In Newsstand, your app will show the cover of the latest issue once you added it to the content media platform. To ensure, your latest issue will be visible in iTunes too, you should update the cover image in iTunes connect by following these few steps:


Right to Left Reading with Apperplace Bookstall

The Content Media Platform now has a new feature that allows you to support right to left reading. Basically this is possible via a new special feature in the options tab, that allows you to set a page, other than the first page, to be opened by the app after download of the publication (initial and update).


New Languages for Apperplace

Apperplace Bookstall now supports more than 8 languages by default:

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian/Cyrillic, Spanish and Turkish


Thorough Cleaning in Xcode

When changing entries in .plist files or making other changes to the project template like adding a new language etc, you have to clean your project in Xcode to make sure all changes come into effect. To thoroughly clean your project press shift + apple + k at the same time in Xcode. As an alternative you may also clean through the “Project” menu.


Generating Profiles & Certificates

Once you have successfully tested your app on the simulator you will aim at deploying it to the device for test purposes and in the next step submitting it to the Apple App Store. To do so you must code sign it with a valid certificate and provisioning profile from Apple. Certificates and provisioning profiles are created on the iOS developer portal by following the instructions in the step by step guide (“How To” tabs and videos).


Converting PDF from CMYK to RGB

This post aims a helping all of you out there who want to publish their pdf documents rapidly and in ideal quality on the iPad using Apperplace. Typically, your PDF document is designed and set up for print, which means CMYK color scheme is used. Since iPad does not support CMYK, you must ensure your PDF document uses RGB color scheme.
Converting a PDF document from CMYK to RGB is simple. It can be done quickly in Adobe Acrobat Pro by following these steps:



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