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Converting PDF from CMYK to RGB

This post aims a helping all of you out there who want to publish their pdf documents rapidly and in ideal quality on the iPad using Apperplace. Typically, your PDF document is designed and set up for print, which means CMYK color scheme is used. Since iPad does not support CMYK, you must ensure your PDF document uses RGB color scheme.
Converting a PDF document from CMYK to RGB is simple. It can be done quickly in Adobe Acrobat Pro by following these steps:

1. Choose settings

  • Open your PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Go to “Print Production”
  • Choose “Convert Colors”

2. Convert Colors

  • Activate the “Convert Colors to Output Intent”-option
  • Choose sRGB in the drop down box
  • Press OK

3. Go to Options

  • Choose “Edit Object”

4. Open Properties

  • Right-click an Image within your document
  • Select “Properties”

5. Check Color Space

  • Open the “Color”-tab
  • Ensure an RGB color scheme is set in the “Convert to”-field. If so, everything worked fine and you are done


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