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New Languages for Apperplace

Apperplace Bookstall now supports more than 8 languages by default:

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian/Cyrillic, Spanish and Turkish

If your language is missing, you can add it by following these instructions:

1. Go to Finder and duplicate the existing folder en.lproj
2. Rename this new folder with the digitcode for the language you want to add, e.g. ‘fr’ for France
3. Go back to XCode, mark your project and right click on it to add files and choose your new folder
4. Translate the Localizable Strings to your new language
5. Add a translated version of your info page image (landscape and portrait) to your new folder

We would be glad to integrate your language into Apperplace Publishing and Apperplace Bookstall too. So to make life easier for you in the future and make your language part of the default setup, please send the translated Localizable Strings file to


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